Simple Mask Test - How Effective Is Your Face Mask?

The Invisible Enemy... COVID 19

Unforeseen and devastating pandemic of COVID 19 has caused a huge shift in the way we live.  As of April 2020 Governor Gavin Newsom made it mandatory to wear a mask in public in the City of Los Angeles. Now other major cities in the United States are making it mandatory to wear a mask in public as well.

Street Masks vs Quality Masks


Obviously N95 masks are out of the question to purchase. The only people that should be using them are nurses, doctors and first responders in order to help save lives. How do you go about choosing the right mask if none have been tested by the CDC or any reputable lab? Beware of cheaply made masks that are sold on Amazon or your local vendors. If you value your safety, you will want to see a quick test you can do from the Saftey of your own home. If you are all about the fashion and don't care much about your safety, then you shouldn't keep reading.

How To Simulate A Sneeze Into Your Mask To Test The Quality.

Here's a simple test to know how effective your mask is.

1. Deodorant Spray (Simulates a Sneeze)

2. Dark Interior Room

3. Open Window (While There's Sunlight Outside) Allowing Sun Rays Inside.

4. Place Mask In Front of Window

5. Spray Inside Mask

6. Observe If Any Comes Out The Other End.

You can gauge the safety of your mask by how much spray passes through the mask. STYLNN has created a masks for plus size people, children and even created a leather version. Free Shipping and a Buy 1 Get 1 Free package you can't go wrong.
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