Premium Sofa Sectionals

Using the best Poly Foam you could ask for, we got it. All of our Sectionals are made with HR 2.5 -2.7  Density Foam. Sofa Sectionals could be hard to align and perfect, well not with us. Here at STYLNN each sectional is crafted with exact measurements that allow two clips to join effortlessly. 

Large Sectionals or apartment friendly Sectionals, we build them all. If you are trying to remodel your office with furniture, just tell us how you want it and we will build you a fully custom sofa sectional manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

All Seat Cushions have a Lifetime Warranty allowing you to replace your cushions at no extra charge every 5 years. These foams contour to the body exceptionally well, and their cell structure enables extreme elasticity and optimal supporting force.