How To Protect Your Designer Handbag

So, you have gone out your way and been patient on a waiting list for your favorite designer handbag. Once you arrive home after a stressful day of whatever it is you do to contribute to society you either throw your purse on the ground which many may consider to bring bad luck or you just lug it on your sofa with no love. 

Don't you think it's time you showed that expensive handbag (purse) some love, love that it deserves? Now you can show it love with STYLNN's one of two purse stools. 

There are 3 styles and 6 different colors to choose from starting at (Fabric Selection May Change Price):

STYLNN Designer Purse Stool $79.99

STYLNN Designer XL Handbag Stool w/ Storage Walnut Leg $215

STYLNN Designer XL Handbag Stool w/ Storage 8" Dunbar Brass Leg $499