Eco-Friendly Sofas

Indulge in luxury with STYLNN's eco-friendly sofa collection, featuring expertly crafted sofas made from natural latex foam, wool, and your choice of fabric. Each sofa is meticulously made in Los Angeles, California to ensure durability and sustainability, giving you peace of mind with your conscientious choice. Our environmentally-friendly pillows are filled with loose, natural wool and offer a safe, non-toxic option. Choose from a range of colors to complement your sofa and add a touch of sophistication. Not only do our pillows provide a soft and cozy place to lay your head, but they are also kind to the environment. Your loved ones will appreciate the unique colors that perfectly match your home decor.


The Eco fabric is a sturdy, 16 oz blend of organic linen and cotton that is GOTS certified and has a canvas-like texture and beautiful drape, making it ideal for upholstery and slipcovers.


The Eco fabric is GOTS certified fabrics.

When it comes to organic fabrics, it's not just about using organic fibers - it's also about the entire process being safe for both humans and the planet. Even fabrics advertised as "100% organic cotton" are often 77% cotton and 23% residual chemicals due to conventional processing methods. Your sofa will be built with the best sustainable materials. It's a purchase you can feel good about - eco-friendly quality in every stitch.