What Is The Best Filling For A Sofa Seat Cushion?

What Is The Best Filling For A Sofa Seat Cushion?


Foam has proven to be the filling of choice, but you never stop to think about the quality. The next question is... which foam quality do you have? Consider the benefits of different foam qualities and how they can impact the comfort and longevity of your furniture.


Density: Lowest Seat Cushion Quality - 1.2 Foam 

Color of Foam: White       

Longevity: 1-2 Years (Depending On Use)


Density:  1.8 Foam 

Color of Foam: Also White (Difficult to Distinguish Between Them)       

Longevity: -2-5 Years (Depending On Use)


Density: Good Quality Furniture Stores Use This Quality |  2.0 Foam 

Color of Foam: Yellow       

Longevity:  6 - 8 Years (Depending On Use)


Density: High End Furniture Stores Use This Quality |  2.50 - 2.80 Foam 

Color of Foam: Yellow       

Longevity:  8 - 15 Years (Depending On Use)

Life of Seat Foam = 12 months *Depending on use*


In conclusion, be mindful of what it is you are purchasing when it comes to furniture.  Consider the quality and materials used in the furniture to ensure durability and longevity.