Egg Chair Replacement Covers

Egg Chair Replacement Covers

Today we are going to focus on one particular product... Yes! you guessed it, the ever so popular "Egg Chair" sold at Target. The chair is a hit... but it has a few problems, but we found the solution.


- You Can't Wash The Covers (Due to No Zipper)

- Must Spot Clean All Pillows and Cushion if you want to maintain them.

- Only 4 Color Choices When Buying The Egg Chair



Visit STYLNN® 10 Different Colors To Choose From

Get your covers replaced today.

Retail $199.00

Sale $149.99 + 15%OFF Use Code: UPGRADE15


Best Fabric To Color Match Original Linen Color by Opalhouse would be:

Miami Sand Beach by STYLNN®

STYLNN® | Egg Chair Covers | 10 Different Colors w/ Zippers