Sofa Webbing Vs 8-Way Handtied Springs Vs Sinuous Spring

Sofa Spring Systems Comparison 

Eight-Way Handtied

You have spotted a sofa that looks so beautiful that you act on emotion and buy it right away, well friends we are here to educate you so you know what to look for when buying sofas and similar products.

Eight-Way Handtied Spring Suspension System is comprised of coil springs spaced out no more than 5" away from each other throughout the base of your sofa. This spring system won't break down for years and years to come. The reason that this method is so durable is because each coil spring is tied 8 times hence the name 8-Way Handtied. It also has a great comfortable bounce to it once all springs are tied together.  Although this method is the priciest in comparison to S-Spring (Sinuous Springs), but don't rule out the S-Spring just yet.  


Sinuous Spring System (No Sag Spring System)

Sinuous Springs is a pretty good spring system as well, but only when it is done with high end quality. We actually use Sinuous Springs in smaller products such as custom recliners, accent chairs and ottomans due to the small space. 8-Way HandTied is not recommended for smaller items.

If you ever get an answer that the product is made with webbing and no spring at all, then my friends you shall walk away and purchase a quality product.

Webbing System

This method should NEVER be used, in a matter of months depending how often it is used this webbing system is not a spring system at all. The webbings will outstretch and not return to their original position causing sagging and cushions to sink into the frame as well. This is usually the lowest quality furniture.

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