Eco-Friendly Sofas

STYLNN's eco-friendly sofa collection showcases expertly crafted pieces made with natural latex foam, wool, and fabric of your choosing. Each item is carefully made in Los Angeles, California with meticulous attention to detail and durability, ensuring a sustainable choice with peace of mind.

Our environmentally-friendly pillows contain loose, natural wool and offer a non-toxic option. Choose a color that compliments your furniture for a touch of flair. Not only do our pillows provide a soft and cozy spot to rest your head, they are also safe for the environment.

Your loved ones will appreciate the unique colors perfectly matching your home decor.


The Eco fabric is a sturdy blend of organic linen and cotton, weighing 16 oz and is GOTS certified. It has a canvas-like texture with a lovely drape, making it perfect for upholstery and slipcovers.


The Eco fabric is GOTS certified. Experience the ultimate in comfort and sustainability with our luxurious Eco fabric, GOTS certified for quality and purity.

Eco Fabric Line is a GOTS certified fabric. What makes a fabric "organic" is not simply the fact that organic fibers are used, but that the entire process uses only inputs whose toxicity profiles prove they are safe for humans- and the planet. 
Even a fabric that is advertised as being made of "100% organic cotton" is 77% cotton and 23% residual chemicals by weight if conventionally processed.